consists of Mike Holtz and J Jones, friends for over fifteen years and lifetime movie lovers.  Unable to contain their love of film any longer, Mike and J started a YouTube channel called WeWatchedAMovie in early 2012 to review films, discuss movie news, and to be a part of the movies they grew up watching together.

Dedicating themselves to a “no holds barred” attitude towards movie reviews, J and Mike review movies with extreme prejudice.  Movies that are deserving shall be praised and appreciated and movies that are stains on the film community shall be rooted out and destroyed.

Realizing that being a part of the movie review community is one of their true passions, WeWatchedAMovie is looking forward to a long career “protecting the people from the movies that be evil.”

J is married and a full time Psychology student.  Mike is married as well and is the proud father of one little girl.  J and Mike are thrilled and extremely proud to be a part of the We Live Film community and look forward to sharing and contributing with everyone who is a part of this community.

Mike’s 10 Favorite Films

American Beauty
Lethal Weapon
Batman (1989)
Dumb and Dumber

J’s 10 Favorite Films

Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade
Back to the Future
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Rambo: First Blood
A Nightmare on Elm Street (Original)
Event Horizon
Grandma’s Boy

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