The Matt Breakdown

The Matt Breakdown

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Matt co-founded WeLiveFilm alongside Scott Menzel during New Year’s Eve 2011. Yes, this goes to show you how geeky the duo really are. Before meeting Scott, Matt has been a former college professor, journalist, newspaper film critic, and skit comedy member. Before that, well, he was born.

Warping his innocent child brain, British comedy giants Benny Hill and Monty Python filled Matt’s mind when he was only two years old, leading him down a path of addiction involving “Saturday Night Live,” John Hughes, and stand up comedy. Please don’t turn his parents in to the authorities. Inspired by a long list of performers, he began making his own video skits in high school and hasn’t stopped since. His comedic video productions, ranging from independent films to web series, have been viewed over 500,000 times on YouTube and accepted at film festivals in the United States and Canada. Now with sitcom writing as a future career goal, Matt has multiple TV pilot scripts and a film script ready to go at a moment’s notice. (It’s LA —  you’re not surprised. We know). He’s also into video games, and launched our new sister YouTube Channel WeLiveVideoGames in the summer of 2014.

Of course Matt has been writing about himself in the third person all this time, so let’s change it up a bit in the next sentence shall we? Yes, my goal is to entertain and inform, combining my humor and media insight in quickly-paced, lighthearted reviews known as TheMattBreakdown. So all you B-Movies and mindless sequels better watch your backs because TheMattBreakdown is ready for action. But not the camera or lights — I’m ugly and burn easily.

Top 20 Films4U2T0646

  • “Dirty Work”
  • “Angus”
  • “The Naked Gun Trilogy”
  • “Plains, Trains, & Automobiles”
  • “Uncle Buck”
  • “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life”
  • “Monty Python & The Holy Grail”
  • “King Ralph”
  • “Blues Brothers”
  • “Tommy Boy”
  • “Beverly Hills Ninja”
  • “Spaceballs”
  • “Love & Death”
  • “Heavyweights”
  • “The Aristocrats”
  • “UHF”
  • “Religulous”
  • “The Star Wars Trilogy (4-6)”
  • “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy”
  • “Network”


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