Steven Hunt

When he was very young, Steven Hunt had the opportunity to see Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park.” Right then and there, he fell in love with movies. He always pushed his parents to let him watch movies (as much as a child could). This love went on for years. But once middle school hit, the love fell by the wayside. He had more work to do and began playing video games. All these distractions kept him from doing what he wanted to do deep down, watch movies.Fast forward to 2010. Steven was a sophomore in high school. He becomes friends with someone who loves movies as much as he used to. He begins going to the movies more often and more often, to the point where every Friday he was in a theater watching a new release. The love had returned, he watched as many movies as he could. Then in late 2010, he discovered critics such as Jeremy Jahns, Schmoes Know, and Tom Chatalbash. He watched their videos for months and wanted to be able to share his opinion with the world. So he got a camera and in March 2011, he posted his first review of the film “Rango” under the alias xYGRxSH (don’t ask). He posted videos on that channel until May 2011, when he created a new channel entitled “StevenHuntReivews.”

Ever since he posted his first video, Steven has fallen in love with reviewing movies. Every time he sees a movie, he has to review it. He wants to share his opinion and hear feedback from others. Since the beginning of 2012 he has begun rising in the YouTube community, with the likes of Chris Stuckmann and The Schmoes noticing him. He is very dedicated to reviewing movies and plans to do so for a very long time.

20 Favorite Films

Fight Club
The Dark Knight
Finding Nemo
Forrest Gump
True Grit (2010)
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
American Psycho
Casino Royale
Spider-Man 2
The Hangover
Saving Private Ryan
The Big Lebowski
Taxi Driver
The Lion King
Ocean’s Eleven
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