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Jose Romero is also known as Romero’s Movie News on YouTube.  Jose is a simple all around regular movie lover and fan. Since the age of 9, Jose has been fascinated with movies and films. This is all thanks to the Steven Spielberg movie Jurassic Park which caught his attention while he was young. Jose was blown away by the fact that he saw one of his favorite all time creatures come to life on the big screen and made him fascinated with the process that went into make that happen. At age 15, Jose Romero took a 4 month course on cinematography & film history at his local Community college. When the 4 months finished, he gained a much more profound knowledge and respect towards film and what goes into making the movies millions of people pay to see on the sliver screen. In 2011,  Romero launched his own Youtube channel titled Romero Movie News, where he gives updates on all movies whether they’re good or bad, but he always tries to keep it fun on his show. He also reviews movies in a way that is simple and straight forward, but always makes sure his reviews are SPOILER FREE and FUN. We at We Live Film are very excited to have Jose as a part of this community and are happy to feature all the latest from Romero’s Movie News.

20 Favorite Films

Land Before Time
Jurrasic Park
Back to the Future
Men in Black
Titan A.E.
Last Action hero
King Kong (2005)
The Dark Knight
The Incredibles
Nacho Libre
Summer Wars
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
The Matrix

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