Rokaan Al-Zeer


Rokaan Al-Zeer was born in the hot town of Tucson,Arizona. When he was 7, his mother took him to the movies to see 20th anniversary edition of E.T.  The Extra Terrestrial. Amazed, he quickly became a film enthusiast. Begging his parents  to buy movies on DVD and VHS.  In summer 2010, after seeing Inception, Al-Zeer YouTube searched reviews of Inception and watched reviews from Jeremy Jahns, The Schmoes Know, and Chris Stuckmann. In late 2011, Al-Zeer posted his first review which was A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas on his YouTube channel “mrcomicbook.”  He did a few reviews but in February 2012, he switched channels and now, uses his new channel “rokaanalzeer”.

Al-Zeer is an aspiring director, screenwriter, and actor. When he was in high school, he joined the film class. He made short films that had elements of action, quirky dialogue, and pop cultural jokes. Now in college, Rokaan aims to major in film to get one step closer to his dream. He joined We Live Film because he likes being passionate about films with people like him and voicing his thoughts on them. His other hobbies include reading and collecting comic books and graphic novels (which he has done since childhood), playing basketball with his friends (he is the tallest player at 6’1) and reenacting and imitating movies (he can quote The Dark Knight and Anchorman, line for line). He loves movies and will always love them until the day he dies.

Rokaan’s 20 Favorite Films:

The Dark Knight Trilogy
Fight Club
The Hangover
Die Hard
Star Wars (The Original Trilogy)
E.T. : The Extra Terrestrial
Pulp Fiction
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Shaun of the Dead
Terminator 2
Anchorman:The Legend of Ron Burgundy
The Prestige
Casino Royale
The Boondock Saints
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