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Nicholas Casaletto was born on February 7, 1988. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Nick was raised on Star Trek and other Science Fiction television shows and films inspired by his father. From a young age, Nicholas was hooked on story lines, characters and plots and saw television and film different from most others at his age.  The first film to really engage Nick was the 1999 Academy Award winning, “American Beauty”. He was so blown away by the film he immediately walked into the theater to see it again. It remains one his top films of all time.

Nick later got into filmmaking at a young age, making short films with his friends around town and editing them on his family computer. The way shots look and transcend onto the screen always fascinated him. Different camera angles, background cinematography and watching actors fall into a roll was a fasciation that Nick could not shake.

Nick would later get into more indie films that were less noticed by the public. One that he remembers specifically was the, now classic, “Lost in Translation”. He was so impressed with the acting, the score, and the way the filmed looked in general. It was not a movie that well known by the public, yet he was so blown away by a film almost completely dialogue based.

His love for film and entertainment has grown with him over the years to the man he is today. Today, at 25 years old, Nick is seeing more movies than ever, being at the theater at least once a week. He loves sharing his thoughts and getting into friendly debates about films and is still looking to write and direct his own, in the future. Nick is now reviewing for We Live Film and we are looking forward to his thoughts and knowledge about why we are all here, film.

Nick’s 20 Favorite Films

American Beauty                                                                            
American Psycho
The Avengers
The Dark Knight
Dark City
Boogie Nights
Pulp Fiction
There Will Be Blood
Lost In Translation
Jurassic Park
The Truman Show
The Lord Of The Rings: Return of The King             
Fight Club
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