has loved movies since he can remember. As a kid, his parents took him to see the latest family friendly film from Disney to Star Wars, but it was E. T. that kick started his whole obsession with film and going to the movies. As he got older, he branched out to see more films from the Classics to the latest Independent. He also has a love for film music and has over 400 Soundtracks in his personal collection. In 2003, he finally got to add real movie making to his life even though he did make little short films with friends using his Dad’s video camera when he was young. In the last few years he has worked on tons of shorts and a feature as a grip, boom operator, actor and being a production assistant on such show as America’s Got Talent, Real Housewives of the OC and Bridezillas. One of his proudest moments was working as a PA on the Sony/Columbia Lot in 2008 for a TV Game Show called Duel. He has been a big fan and subscriber of the film community on YOUTUBE for over a few years and finally in January 2012, he started MovieManCHAD. This is a site devoted to his love and obsession to the ART of FILM. On We Live Film, Chad plans to share that love to the rest of the world in a fun and positive way!!!!

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20 of MovieManCHAD’s Favorite Films

Empire Strikes Back                                                                                

E. T.
Pulp Fiction
Harold and Maude
Schindler’s List
Terms of Endearment
To Kill a Mockingbird
A Clockwork Orange
Midnight Cowboy
Whale Rider
Dances with Wolves
Blazing Saddles
The Godfather
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

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