Mark Krawczyk

When Mark was a kid, watching movies was a major pastime in his family. His parents took him to the theater for the first time when he was 2.5 years old.  His first film was Star Wars and since that film he has loved movies ever since. In high school, Mark wrote for the newspaper as a movie reviewer. His column was called, “The Crazy Critic’s Movie Reviews”.  It was back in high school where he adopted his 1 to 5 stubs rating scale which he still uses today.
While attending UW-Stevens Point, Mark found out that the student-run TV station used to have a movie review show called “The Final Cut.”  He offered to do the show and school agreed to have him onboard. With the help of his best friend behind the camera, they recorded a dozen episodes. Mark had such a great time doing the show that he switched majors from Marine Biology to Video Production and Broadcasting.
In 2006,  he started using YouTube to show a web series called “Lonely Trooper”. Once he became comfortable posting videos on YouTube, he started doing movie reviews. Four years later, Mark attended the Oshkosh Horror Film Festival and developed an interest in Independent Horror and an appreciation for the genre.  Since then Mark watches as many independent horror films as he can and has reviewed over 100 micro-budget independent films.
Mark’s passion for film is shown in every review that he does, which is why he is the perfect addition to the We Live Film family. Needless to say, Mark is excited to bring his love of horror films to the We Live Film community every week with his own segment “Horror Thursdays” and hopes that the  viewers enjoy watching the reviews as much as he enjoys making them.
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