John Maffeo goes by the alias MaffmanJones on YouTube. He is 19 years old and attends St. Johns University majoring in Film/TV Studies for a 4 Year Program. As a young  child, his parents felt it was necessary to let him watch films such as Independence Day, the Indiana Jones trilogy, the Star Wars trilogy, and Terminator 2. However, his passion for film didn’t begin brewing until he saw the original Spider-Manfilm on his younger brothers’ 6th birthday. It was the first time John experienced a sense of wonder and awe. From there on out, he became obsessed with film and spends all his internet time reading daily movie updates.The older John became, the wider his world opened.

In 2006, John discovered Youtube and since then, I’ve lived through various accounts. Over the years, he created several comedic skits with friends and more recently delved into more serious filmmaking. In 2008 however, John discovered “video movie reviews.” For years he watched reviews from the likes of Tom Chatalbash, The Schmoes, and Jeremy Jahns. Since 2009, the desire to express my opinions commenced, but it didn’t come into fruition until 2012. In February of 2012, he created a video honoring and thanking the annual “YOUReviewers Awards” and was recognized by Kristian Harloff of the Schmoes. This led to a podcast appearance and created many opportunities for him in the YouTube world.

Over the course of 2o12, John has made many friends and continues to push himself on YouTube  The sky is truly the limit and the pinnacle goal for John is one day to work closely in Hollywood and direct and/or act in films. We are delighted to adopt John into the WeLiveFilm family and glad to have another aspiring film lover on-board the site.

John’s 20 Favorite Films:

Back to the Future
A New Hope
Empire Strikes Back
LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring
Spider-Man 2 (2004)
Shawshank Redemption
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Jurassic Park
Pulp Fiction
The Matrix
The Sandlot
Toy Story
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Terminator 2
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
The Lion King
The Dark Knight
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