Laurie Coker

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Laurie Coker is a full time high school literature teacher, a transportation agent for troubled juveniles, a movie critic, Aquafit instructor, and a very young grandmother. She resides in Austin, Texas home of two of the most amazing film festivals in the world; SXSW and Fantastic Fest. Laurie has been a long time movie fanatic and has voiced her opinion of actors, scripts and directors for years. Laurie feels she is an honest critic, who looks at films from an everyday person’s point of view. While she does have her favorites and biases, she tries to offer reviews that not only reflect her view, but provide enough insight to allow others the opportunity to decide for themselves. We at WeLiveFilm are happy to have her on board as one of the more established written film critics on the site, who has been reviewing movies for over 12 years.


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