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Brandt Sohn
is also known as Film Recall on YouTube. Brandt is a 21 year old college student majoring in cinema. His interest and love for film started at around the age of 5 when he first saw Raiders of the Lost Ark. This is when he instantly became hooked on film wanted to see more. Brandt’s parents rented the rest of the trilogy and also introduced me to movies such as the Star Wars trilogy, Back to the Future, and E.T. His taste in film started to branch out and everyday after school, he would watch any movie he could get my hands on. At that point, Brandt really enjoyed movies for their entertainment value. It wasn’t until re-watching The Wizard of Ozat an older age that he realized there is more to movies than just entertainment, and that it took a collective process to create a film. This is when he began appreciating movies even more then ever before. When dvd’s were released, Brant would find the special features just as interesting as the film itself. He found the film making process fascinating and that confirmed what he had realized at a very young age, that he wanted to be an actor or a director.In late 2009 and early 2010,  Brandt began watching Youtube critics. The first critics he found were Tom Chatalbash and Revolution Reviews. He enjoyed hearing other people’s opinions on films, and since his friends don’t like films as much as he did, he used the IMDB forums and Youtube as a way of discussing the latest films in theaters. It wasn’t until 2010 that I realized I wanted to start making video reviews on Youtube and join the online movie community. In November of 2010, Brandt decided to finally get his camera out and create a Youtube channel by the name of FilmRecall. Brandt has been on Youtube for a little over a year now and has loved every minute of it. We are happy to have him on We Live Film bringing his opinion to a wide range of critics that includes both YouTube critics and written critics.

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