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Leah Hather was born and bred in Yorkshire in 1988. Being a country girl growing up on a farm, Leah would dream of moving to the city to see her name in the bright lights. Leah always wanted to be a performer. She has a performance background in singing, acting and various dance styles including Ballroom & Latin, Contemporary and Musical Theatre. She also has another interest: film. Having a family that owned a shop that rented out video tapes, every night she’d get to pick a film to watch, this made her interest in film grow over the years.

Leah moved to Manchester in 2006, where she attended the University of Salford studying Performing Arts. Her studies included Contemporary American Cinema, Dance, Singing, Theater Acting, Choreography and a Dissertation exploring Genre and Dance Films. Whilst at University she learned that acting wasn’t for her and found a new passion in presenting. Therefore in 2008 she created her YouTube channel, Brighteyeslonglashes as a means to practice.

In 2009, she graduated from University of Salford and joined the Walks around Britain team as a Presenter.  In 2010, Leah committed to living in Manchester permanently decided to revamp her YouTube channel and start releasing film reviews. In 2012, she pairs up with WeLiveFilm, where she is bringing her views of films to wider audience.

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